Here's To the Wives (and the stethoscopes)

First there was Desparate Housewives. Then it was The Starter Wife. Now there's Army Wives. These last two appeared in the last two months.

My husband asked me what's up with all these shows about married women and their troubles. (Shows how observant I am; I didn't even notice). I told him that these things come in trends; because the first show was a hit, here come shows with similar themes.

The publishing world workds the same way. Desparate Housewives has practically become part of the American lexicon, and books often mimic pop culture. If I was a fast writer I'd do something about that. Too bad I can't. By the time I could get something proposed, the wives trend will probably have gone the way of stirrup pants.

All you TV watchers have probably also recognized a trend toward quirky medical shows (Grey's Anatomy, House, and that new one set in a heart transplant unit).

Anyone want to predict what will be next?


Donna D said...

The new trend is there is no trend!

Seriously, the new trend is the supernatural/superhero. With the success of "Heroes", everyone is jumping on the bandwagon with some variation of the superhero theme. I mean, they're dusting off "The Bionic Woman" for heaven's sake!

No one in television will take a chance on something original unless it's an overnight sensation. Same thing in publishing.

bettye griffin said...

Ugh. Never did care much for The Bionic Woman (or The Six Million Dollar Man, either).

I agree that it's hard to break in with something fresh and different, whether it be publishing or visual mediums. Even the creator of Desperate Housewives was turned down by several networks, and ABC reportedly didn't like the title. Taking a chance will cost them money if it doesn't fly, so they'd rather be safe.