Romance Slam Jam 2008 is open for business

To all you readers out there, the annual Romance Slam Jam will be held in Chicago next spring. Here's the link to the web site. They are accepting early registrations, which are discounted (the longer you delay, the more you'll pay!) so check it out!

I'm planning on attending, but I don't have good luck with planning events far in advance. The last event I scheduled I had to drop out of when my husband decided to accept the position he'd been offered and we relocated (the same weekend as the event, as it turned out.) So as of right now, I'm a go . . . but spring is a long way off. Personally, I'd love to make another relocation. On one hand, I've enjoyed my time here, but on the other, I don't want to spend the rest of my life here, either.

But if I haven't left Chicago, I do hope to see you there.


Patricia W. said...

It is still my goal to attend a writing conference in person. Every year I say next year, because like you, I have a difficult time planning too far in advance. Something always seems to come up.

I'm hoping for 2008 but since RSJ is geared more to readers, I'll probably look at something else.

bettye griffin said...

I understand, Pat. The last couple have focused on writing, and they are now returning to the original reader-friendly format.

I'm sure you and I will meet eventually!