Shaq might have fallen down, but he's not about to lose his crown
Shaquille O'Neal has filed for divorce, claiming that his wife Shaunie has been hiding assets.

When I saw this, my first reaction was, "So what? Anything she bought was probably paid for with his money."

That's when it hit me. (I've been a little sluggish all week.)
Maybe he's wrong in his suspicions for her motives. In a perfect world, she'd have reasons other than the first thing a person would think for using marital funds to purchase property in her name only. But if the suspected is the reason, I hope he's able to stop her from trying to stop him.


Gwyneth Bolton said...

He has some nerves. That chile was just trying to save for a rainy day. The way he ran around on her... I mean there is an entire chapter about him in Karrin Steffans Confessions of a Video Vixen . She even talks about how everything on him isn't BIG. And he's getting upset because Shaunie is building a nest egg for when he flys the coop. Brotha PLEASE!


bettye griffin said...

Thanks for filling me in on the other side of the story, Gwyneth. I wasn't aware.

Still, I have to say that the wife who files for divorce as someone who's been done wrong strikes me as more sympathetic as the one who tries to take a share of the pie behind the husband's back in preparation for the divorce. (My opinion doesn't count, of course; it's the judge's feelings on the matter that will be crucial.) I doubt she'll end up penniless, not with all those kids plus possibly having gotten married in a community property state.

In my book, she, too, did wrong, and two wrongs don't make any of it right.

Adrianne Byrd said...

Two wrongs don't make it right, but in my book it makes it even. Everyone wants to play on an even field. :)

bettye griffin said...

Maybe Shaunie will get lucky and get a judge who feels the way you, Gwyneth, and undoubtedly a lot of other women do. I remain unimpressed with both Mr. and Mrs. O'Neal.

Thanks for commenting, Adrianne!