Time is Running Out

. . . to enter my contest for A Love For All Seasons. The publisher managed to leave my announcement out of the final copy, which severely altered the number of entries (none of which have been correct, incidentally.) The prize is a $25 Amazon gift certificate (just the amount you have to spend to get free shipping!)

All you have to do is figure out the link between all the chapter titles. One answer is absolutely dead-on correct, another is acceptable. Absolutely dead-on correct trumps acceptable, naturally. If there's more than one entry, we'll pull a name out of a hat (literally). My husband always does the draw, so Don't Blame Me.

If no one wins, I'll treat myself to $25 worth of books from Amazon!

The contest runs until September 30th. See my website for further details. Good luck!


Patricia W. said...

You know I love a challenge!

BTW, the link on your website for the Love For All Season excerpt is broken.

bettye griffin said...

Thanks for pointing that out to me. We ran into some difficulty adding the trailer for If These Walls Could Talk and ended up having to reconstruct that main page . . . and putting the trailer on its own page. I'll try to re-hook it this weekend. The hubby is designing a new web page for me, but I'd still like this one to work properly for the duration.

The details for my contest are actually on my Contest page.

Donna said...

I forgot to enter the contests but I think I figured out the link - all of the titles are songs written by either the Beatles or members of the Beatles on solo projects.

Am I right?

bettye griffin said...

If you had e-mailed me that answer by September 30th, you would be the proud winner of a $25 gift certificate from Amazon. That is the absolute dead-on correct answer, not merely the acceptable one (which would be Beatles songs, period) and would have trumped acceptable answers because it includes the clarification for songs like Whatever Gets You Through the Night and My Sweet Lord, which were recorded by John Lennon and George Harrison, respectively, after the Beatles broke up.

Now, aren't you annoyed at yourself for not taking a minute or two to enter?