Busy Little Bees, Making Honey Day and Night

That's one of my favorite quotes from the classic All About Eve, said by the one and only Bette Davis.

I've got one week to go before it can be said I'm officially late, and with RWA going on in San Francisco next week, maybe no one will notice. Here's my count:

That's about 5,000 up from Monday, and I've cracked the 40,000 words to go mark. Saying I need 39,000 more words is not as terrifying as saying 40,000; don't ask me why.

I still have to post Dee Savoy's guest blog. I'll do it between now and Monday. Hey, I'm busy writing!

A good weekend to all!


Patricia W. said...

39 is better than 40k. It's all about what works for your mind.

I suspect there's going to be a big hike in word count after the weekend. You can do it!

DonnaD said...

C'mon Bettye, show us how it's done! Maybe I'd be more disciplined if I were under a deadline.

I know you can do this, so you go girl!

bettye griffin said...

Patricia, it's like that trick retailers do, setting prices at $39.99 rather than $40. I guess I'm just a sucker! Thanks for your optimism. I'm certainly going to try to hike up my count.

Donna, I've learned to write faster since last year. I'm actually looking forward to my down time - the time when I'll be able to work on uncontracted projects, since my next deadline is still dome time off. That down time is wonderful practice for me.

Tune in Sunday for another progress report.

shelia said...

4 words - YOU CAN DO IT :)

Adam Sandler and his acting friends always say that in each other's movies. I thought it fit the occasion :)