Does ANYBODY out there in the service industry do their job right???

Right now I am dealing with three - that's right, three - issues stemming from bumbling, inept employees.

First, there's the movers who damaged a piece of our furniture, but the insurance company saying that they won't pay because it's not on the manifest the movers filled out. (Fortunately, it was on the inventory list I provided the movers with, based upon which they provided me with an estimate.)

Then, there's the gas station (or possibly my bank) who charged me twice for the same $17.48 worth of gas.

Finally, there's the mess with one of our car titles, which is a case of what didn't that woman get right. She has the wrong mileage, the wrong VIN, she spelled my name wrong (even more of a mistake when you consider it was my husband's car). If anyone out there ever moves to Illinois and has to register their auto title, I strongly suggest making as many trips as you have titles. I brought all three Florida titles in at the same time. They need to post a damn warning in these places.

Straightening all this mess out is going to take a few days, at a minimum. See you next week.

It's Epiphany, also known as the 12th and last day of Christmas, so don't forget to take down those Christmas lights!