Cutbacks, Closings, and Oscar

I admit it. I'm as fond of Going Out of Business/Store Closing sales as the next person. I picked up some wonderful things for the house at Linens & Things (some as high as 60% off original price). But this is getting ridiculous. Everywhere I look, a store is closing. A heck of a lot of folks are being thrown out of work. Wisconsin is reeling from the closing of a GM plant in Janesville, and big layoffs at Harley-Davidson, and the uncertain future of the Chrysler plant here in Kenosha, which I believed is closed "temporarily."

The cutbacks extend to every area and in every field. I learned this week that I'm going to be losing my editor to cutbacks and cost-saving measures. We've only worked together a few years, but it's been a pleasant collaboration from the start. I don't have to worry about a new editor; I've already worked with the person I've been assigned to.
Times like this call for hope. And some fun. Which brings me to my next point.

On this Super Bowl Sunday, be sure to drop by the blog for the first day of Oscar Trivia. I'll be posting questions every two days, and you will have 48 hours to get in your answers before they are published. You can win an ARC of A New Kind of Bliss and some other stuff. With my editor gone it might be a little difficult to get my hands on ARCs, but I'll get a set out if I have to photocopy each page of the galleys.
So make it a point to participate. It'll be fun, and better yet, it's free!