Three Weeks Into the Year

I have grudgingly accepted that it's winter. There are no more pretty lights celebrating the holiday to soften the blow, and the snow no longer looks picturesque, it's just a nuisance. And it's coooooooold! We're going back down below zero this weekend.

That aside, I'm pleased to report that I'm sticking to my resolutions for self-improvement. I'm doing very good with my goal to get in shape. I've been getting on my treadmill every day for 20 minutes or more, walking at least a mile. I'm eating cereal with skim milk for breakfast, a heavy lunch, and a light dinner. I haven't weighed myself yet, but I feel lighter. Now I've got to start getting on the floor and doing crunches for my tummy, since it won't get toned by itself.

I'm also better organized, writing everything down in my day-timer and keeping a written record of all writing-related mileage.

The writing is on track. My WIP is moving along, plus I finished the one of the proposals I was working on. As for the other one, I abandoned it when I finally figured out that the reason I kept putting it off was that I'd lost enthusiasm - not for the project itself, which I feel is a good one and which I've already decided to incorporate into another proposal - but for the targeted publisher, whose invitation to me had met with rejections for the other two proposals I'd sent them. We don't mix. Period. And that's fine.

Finally, I'm continuing to use natural products for housecleaning, to clean the oven, toilets, laundry, even in the dishwasher. When I pack my husband's clothes for his business trips, I starch his shirts with homemade spray starch. And I spray my car windows with a mixture of vinegar and water to prevent icing. The spray bottle is my new best supply item.

I figure if I can keep up with everything (and it really isn't that much) for another three weeks, it should become habitual.

In other news, the 2008 Academy Award nominations are out, and two talented actresses' reputations have been raised a notch (so have their fees). Go, Viola Davis! Go, Taraji P. Henson! Be sure to join me starting February 1st for 3 weeks of Academy Awards Trivia. The winner will get an ARC of A New Kind of Bliss, my May release; and a second prize winner will get a small gift certificate to either Barnes & Noble or Borders.

Speaking of bookstores, I was sad to hear that one of the bookstores closest to me, the Waldenbooks at Regency Mall in Racine, Wisconsin, is closing this weekend. Fortunately, there is a Barnes & Noble a block away. The small mall bookstore is becoming a rarity.

My small steps for improvement are nothing compared to my favorite part of this young year . . . hearing those two glorious words, "President Obama."

I hope your 2009 is going well. Did you make goals, and are you keeping up with them?


Patricia W. said...

Bettye, are you sure you want to give up on that publisher or is it simply fear? Maybe the third time is the charm, as they say? Does the editor ever give feedback as to what doesn't work for them?

Sounds like your year is off to a rousing start.

I'm keeping up with my exercise, although I need to get in more walking on the weekends. I've lost 9 lbs, so I'm encouraged.

My writing has slacked off a little, I realized last night as I lay on the bed drifting between sleep and watching Top Chef. So I'll kick it back into gear tonight.

I too am making the transition to natural products, although that wasn't one of my goals.

bettye griffin said...

Fear, Patricia? Are you kidding? I'll approach anybody when it comes to my writing. No, it's just a combination of fatigue and that sixth sense. I do know why my work has been rejected; "too much story." Sure, I could change it, but frankly, I'm not willing to jump through hoops at this point in my life. If these stories are meant to be published, they'll be published. I can always incorporate them as subplots in other stories. I'm not going to sweat it.

I also figured out that my personal taste runs toward a bigger, more layered storyline (not so much that readers will get confused, of course), and that's what my other synopsis is like. Once it passes the agent test we'll see what happens.

Wow, 9 pounds! That's one reason I want to wait until I've been at this a while before I get on a scale. If I don't see real results I'm likely to get discouraged and give up. And everybody's entitled to take some time off from writing. It sounds like you're doing very well, too!

Here's to continued success for both of us!

Jan said...

I'm jealous. I haven't kept a single resolution. I'm hoping it's not too late.

DonnaD said...

I'm impressed. Seriously impressed.

My goals, well, we won't talk about them. Just let me get through this crazy month and we'll try again.

bettye griffin said...

Jan, it's never too late to change a habit that's ready to be changed. And you don't have to wait until the beginning of the year to do it, so take heart!

Donna, it sounds like you're having a challenging month. But February 1st will be here in about a week!

Thanks for posting, ladies!