Oscar Trivia 2009, #1

I guess the first thing I should do is clarify the title of this contest. I call it Oscar Trivia, or Academy Award Trivia, simply because this is the award season, between the announcement of the nominations and the revealing of the winners. It does not mean that all movie quotes in this contest come from Oscar-nominated films.

How to respond: Right here on the blog. No comments are published until I publish them, which I will do immediately after I publish the next question/previous answers. Several people have reported having difficulty posting to my blog. If this happens, you may respond by e-mail (Bettye at bettyegriffin.com) and I will cut and paste your response into a comment. All replies must be clearly visible to everyone; I can't let anyone to think this is a crooked contest.

Now, let's go over the prizes:

1st prize: An ARC of my upcoming novel, A New Kind of Bliss (you can listen to my reading of an excerpt on the left side toolbar).

2nd prize: A $10 gift certificate to either Barnes & Noble or Borders (if neither of these are in your area, I will substitute an autographed copy of one of my mass market titles).

3rd prize: A copy of the mass market edition of The People Next Door.

And the frequency:

Every two days between February 1st and February 21st. Most new questions/answers to previous questions will be posted by 11AM Central Time. If I haven't posted the answer to the previous question, you still have time to get your answer in. I will provide periodic scores, and winners will be announced on February 23rd.

Okay, here we go with quote #1 (actually an exchange between two characters):

"Word is they're going to repeal Prohibition. What will you do then?"

"I think I'll have a drink."

Name the movie for 5 points. Extra credit of 2 points for the name of the character (not the actor) to whom this question is posed (and from whose mouth the answer above comes from).

Answers and a new question will be posted by Tuesday, February 3rd. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Movie-The Untouchables
Question posed to-Elliott Ness
Question answered by-Elliott Ness

from VAM170

buddyt said...

Hi Bettye,

The quote is from The Untouchables (1987) and is Scoop talking to Elliot Ness who is the one that says " I think I'll have a drink"


DonnaD said...

Here I am!!!

Okay, this is one of my favorite movies of all time so I KNOW this one:

The movie is "The Untouchables" from which Sean Connery won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor as Jimmy Malone. (Okay, that's not part of the question, I'm just sayin...)

This is the last bit of dialogue in the movie. The reporter asks Elliot Ness (played by Kevin Costner) this question, just after Ness gives George Stone (Andy Garcia) the medallion he received from Malone and leaves the Chicago office after Capone is convicted.

Though they didn't win Oscars, it had the best director (DePalma), best music (Morricone) and best costumes (Armani).

Oh yeah, I'm in it to win it!

Patricia W. said...

Love the annual movie trivia contest.

The movie is The Untouchables and the character is Elliott Ness. (The only Kevin Costner movie I can stand.)