Gone Blogging

I'm being featured today over at APOOO Bookclub's All About Romance blog. Click on over and read a character sketch introducing Emily Yancy, the heroine of my upcoming women's fiction, A New Kind of Bliss. Yasmin has been talking with other authors this month as well, so check it out!

So far I've only had an email from one prize winner of Oscar trivia about where to send their prize. I get to the post office once a week, folks, and that day is Saturday. If you're one of the top five winners, don't forget to email me with your information!

I know this is only Thursday, but I've got a busy weekend ahead, so I'm going to wish all of you a fun and productive weekend. See you Monday!


Patricia W. said...

I saw Niambi Davis over there today. Maybe your post is tomorrow?

bettye griffin said...

Actually, Patricia, Yasmin was running a bit behind schedule and didn't post my column until mid-morning. But I'm there!