Oscar Trivia 2009 #10
And then there were two (questions, that is). Actually, both today and on Saturday I'm doing lightning rounds, since you'll have part of the weekend to answer the questions.
But first, to the answers to Tuesday's questions.
"O'Lan, you are the earth," was said in The Good Earth (1937). Luise Rainer, like Yul Brynner an actor of European descent who looked vaguely Asian, played O-Lan.

The quote about Caterina being such a gloomy Gertie came from Marty (1955). Marty was played by Ernest Borgnine.

I was surprised that anyone got the second quote, which was a toughie. (Donna made a great stab at it.) The connection, as both Kia and Cassandra guessed, is that Luise Rainier and Ernest Borgnine are the surviving Best Actor and Best Actress winners with the performances dating back the farthest. By coincidence, both of them celebrated birthdays in January. Luise Rainer is now 99 years old; Ernest Borgnine (you might have seen him presenting an award at the Golden Globes) is now 92. One of you forgot to include the Best Actor/Actress category in your answer, but I think it would be nitpicking to not give credit for what was a very difficult question (although I do believe a couple of supporting actor winners are alive and older than Ernest - Karl Malden and Eli Wallach come to mind).
I'd like to say hi to Kwana and thank her for commenting. Next year consider joining us!
The latest scores of the top 5:
Cassandra - 102
Kia - 95
LadySilver - 60
Donna - 59
Patricia - 28 (she hasn't played lately, but she'll still get a special gift if she remains in the top 5)

Get ready for today's quotes. Will Cassandra retain her lead? Will Donna surpass LadySilver? Your answers to these quotes will determine where everyone stands going into the last question:

1) "My ass may be dumb, but I ain't no dumbass."

Name the movie for 5 points. Two bonus points if you can name the actor who made this matter-of-fact assessment.

2) "You wouldn't be able to do these awful things to me if I weren't still in this chair."

Name the movie for 5 points. Two bonus points if you can name the two co-stars. Three bonus points if you can correctly state which of the co-stars' daughter had a small part in the movie.
Hint: This movie had a theme song that was eerily (did I spell that right?) similar to that of the above-mentioned Marty.

3) Husband: "Ain't you got a drink in the house?"
Wife: "Well, not before breakfast, dear."
Husband: "I didn't ask you for any lip. I asked you if you had a drink."
Wife: "I know Tom, but I, I wish that..."
Husband: "There you go with that wishin' stuff again. I wish you was a wishing well. So that I could tie a bucket to ya and sink ya."
Wife: "Well, maybe you've found someone you like better."

I'm sure you're thinking this exchange is kind of blah, and you're right. It's what happened next that has become a cinematic legend. Five points if you can correctly describe the husband's reaction to his wife's comment, and 2 bonus points if you can name the actor who played the husband.

4) Man: “You’re very beautiful.” Woman [smiling broadly]: “Yes, isn’t it lucky?”
I think this one's a real toughie. Not a well known scene, but a charming one, thanks to the leading lady. Five points for the name of the movie. Two bonus points if you can name the male and female leads, who had great chemistry. A bonus 5 points if you can name what the title refers to.

I'll give y'all a hint: This actor and actress made a movie together a few years before this one, for which the actress' hair had to be dyed blonde and cut short. For the film referenced above her hair was dyed black and she wore dark makeup to play a woman of mixed race. She looked absolutely stunning both ways. Curiously, only the earlier film was shot in color.

5) "Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops!”

Five points for the name of the movie. One bonus point for the name of the star (who said the line above).

Answers are due by noon-ish (Eastern Time) on Saturday. There is a possibility that I might be late posting them that day, because I have something to do Saturday morning. If this happens you will have extra time.


PatriciaW said...

Started out strong but I've been a little preoccupied. A couple of times I said, "Oh, I've got time. I'll come back." I never do.

I'll try to do better. :)

For the first, the movie is Jackie Brown and the actor is Samuel L. Jackson. (Can't you just hear him saying that?)

For the second, another oldie but goodie. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. My mother used to talk about this movie a lot but I never could quite get into it. (M.s Davis used to creep me out.)

Kwana said...

Thanks for the shout of Bettye! I think I will next year but I know from the answers so far I'd lose. lol.

Ladysilver said...

1) Jackie Brown - Samuel L Jackson
2) What ever happened to Baby Jane?
Bette Davis and Joan Crawford
Bette Davis Daughter Barbara Merrill had a role in the film
3)The Public Enemy
He pushes a grapefruit in her face
James Cagney
4) My father in law is a movie buff and he could not even help me with this one.

5) Arsenic and Old Lace
Cary Grant

Anonymous said...

Bettye, I hope to get home early enough so I won't miss the red carpet before The Oscars this week.

I'm not sure who I want to win this year.

Kia said...

1. Jackie Brown
Ordell Robbie played by Samuel L. Jackson

2. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane
Bette Davis and Joan Crawford
Bette Davis' daughter Barbara Merrill had a small part in the movie.

3.The Public Enemy
He shoves a grapefruit in his wife's face.

4. No Idea!! :)

5. Arsenic and Old Lace
Cary Grant

Anonymous said...

1. Movie: Jackie Brown
Actor: Samuel L. Jackson

2. Movie: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
Actresses: Bette Davis and Joan Crawford
Actresses Daughter: Bette Davis' daughter Barbara Merrill

3. Movie: The Public Enemy, the husband next shoves a grapefruit in the wife's face
Actor: James Cagney
4. Movie: Pinky
Actress/Actor: Jeanne Crain and William Lundigan
Title reference: Her skin color
5. Movie: Arsenic and Old Lace
Actor: Carey Grant

Cassandra (VAM170)