Oscar Trivia 2009 #2

Hello movie lovers,

Hope you all enjoyed the Super Bowl, the other entertainment aspects if not the actual game. Springsteen still rocks, and Jennifer Holliday's voice soared. God bless her; she's a brave woman.

I for one took one look at the Steelers as they walked toward the field and said, "No way are they going to win." They looked more like a bunch of middle-aged couch potatoes with plenty of extra flesh around their middles than young professional athletes, especially after I got a look at their competition. I guess they fooled me!

Okay, let's get to quote #1. The exchange from February 1st came from, as all of you predicted, The Untouchables (1987).

Great movie, huh? Robert DeNiro scared me to death as Al Capone. And all of you (there were just a few entries, considering I told half the world about this contest) got the bonus question correct as well: It was Eliot Ness (played by Kevin Costner) who was asked what he would do if Prohibition was repealed and who gave the obvious reply, "I think I'll have a drink." So full points for everyone.

And now for today's quote:

"I hope she has a magic coochie. "

I guess it's pretty obvious this line didn't come from a movie from Hollywood's Golden Age, but I want to put some variety in here. Besides, if I make the questions too easy, I'll end up with a tie!

Five points for the name of the movie. A 3-point bonus if you can name the relationship between the speaker and the person being spoken to.

Good luck! Tune in Thursday around noon (Eastern Time) for the answer and for a new quote. Remember, it's still anybody's game, and if you haven't played yet, it's not too late to get into it.


DonnaD said...

I knew I heard this line before, but I couldn't remember off hand. It's from Something New and I believe the speaker is the main character talking to her brother about his girlfriend or wife.

Patricia W. said...

I admit I had to look this one up.

Seems to come from a movie called "Something New". Not sure of the relationship though since I haven't seen it but it looks like a fun Friday night rental.

shelia said...

I love your trivia's.

The quote comes from one of my favorite movies - Something New.

Anonymous said...

The movie is Something New. Saanaa Lathan (Kenya McQueen) talking to her brother Donald Faison (Nelson).

Anonymous said...

Movie: Something New
Between Brother and Sister