Blowing My Own Horn

Romance in Color has reviewed A New Kind of Bliss:

"Emily Yancy is the youngest daughter in the family. She was married, is now divorced and is coming home to Euliss because of the declining health and impending death of her father. She has a successful career as a Physician’s Assistant in Indiana and a home but her mother has never had to take care of the day to day routines of life like paying bills and balancing a check book. Her siblings have taken it upon themselves to let her know that since she is single and has no children, she is the likely choice to move back home with mom. Initially Emily feels like she is being railroaded because she has a life and career. After spending time with her mother, she realizes that coming home it is the right thing to do. Aaron Merritt is a rich widowed doctor who is handsome and appears to have the total package. He is caring and sensitive and when he meets Emily, they act on their attraction to one another. He wine’s and dines her and shows her how the other half lives. He even introduces her to his family but what on earth is missing.

Teddy Simms is Emily’s eighth grade crush. He is a BMW (Black Man Working) but on a very tight budget. He is lacking in wealth but very skilled where it counts. What’s a woman to do when faced with handsome, caring and wealthy versus hardworking and very skilled in the bedroom.

Emily Yancy is in a position that many women find themselves in now. Educated, beautiful, hardworking, single and settling for less than the total package. Emily is back home where everyone knows everybody’s business. Getting together with old friends and schoolmates brings up old feelings of inadequacy, competitions and self doubt. Her first marriage ended in divorce because of her husband’s cheating and then she tries to justify her relationship with Aaron. He’s wealthy and treats her like a princess but she isn’t satisfied and doesn’t know how to tell him the truth. Teddy on the other hand has her toes curling and has her speaking in tongues but he can’t give her the financial stability she has found with Aaron. As a matter a fact, Teddy is looking at her income to boost his life to a better level. Emily has to decide whether she can settle for love and financial stability or sensational sex with a BMW (Black Man Working).

A NEW KIND OF BLISS is a story that gives you a good look at adult life after you have been around the block and experienced a few things. It is a well developed story that gives you characters and experiences that you have had or will have. Married, never married, divorced with, kids, no kids at all. The death of a parent pushes families into new situations. Not only do adult children have to be responsible for their parents, it shows you that parents are human too. Have you ever settled for less in your life? Bettye Griffin will make you want to answer that question after you enjoy this book." - Dianthia Lemons