RAWSISTAZ reviews A New Kind of Bliss

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"After the death of her father, forty-three-year-old divorcée Emily leaves her contented life in Indianapolis to move back to her hometown to help her mother with her financial affairs. After her divorce, Emily thinks she will never find love again; that is until she meets Dr. Aaron Merritt. Rich, handsome, and a single parent, Aaron exposes Emily to fine things and summer homes, but there is something vitally missing in their relationship. Emily runs into her junior high school crush, Teddy. Teddy is not rich like Aaron, but he gives her what she's missing with Aaron.

A NEW KIND OF BLISS by Bettye Griffin is a well-written story from beginning to end. It draws the reader into Emily's world of confusion. The characterization is very strong, and with each character, I experienced an emotional connection with each of their personalities." - reviewed by Sharon Lewis