Contrition and Redemption . . . and he's still a young man

I saw part of Michael Vick's news conference this morning as he reported for training with his new team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

There's going to be a lot of controversy about his return to the NFL after his horrendous activities came to light. I hope this young man realizes that if he didn't possess a great talent that can help his team make money and win the top prize, he may well not have been given this second chance. He certainly seemed geuninely contrite about his past actions, and equally appreciative of this second chance. I hope he can successfully rebound, and I wish him success ... it's not going to be easy for him, and it will take a strong spirit not to crack under the heckling that is bound to happen from spectators.

I pray Michael Vick will become an upstanding citizen, and I say God bless Tony Dungy for stepping forward to help him.

Have a good weekend, everybody!


Beverly said...

I agree that Michael Vick will have to endure a lot over the next couple of years.
And I too was impressed with his statement - he definitely seems more mature.
I do not necessarily agree with all of the heckling and boycotting animal rights lovers say they will be doing. But it is their right to boycott and not spend their money the way they want. But I do think that will best serve the animal rights groups by doing what he has been doing by speaking at various meetings. It has already been acknowledged that the Humane society is not able to reach a certain population that has not been that interested in the Humane Society message in the past.
Also wish that the same energy that is being used to boycott Michael Vick would be used against players that commit abusive crimes against women.

bettye griffin said...

Good points, Beverly! Thanks for posting!