My friend(s) Bettye/Bette (and a guest blog, too!)

Those of you who know me know I never did much in terms of online networking, other than my blog and an occasional guest blog or online chat, simply because there were too many of them out there, and there isn't time to do that and write, too. My personal editor, Kim, suggested that I join Facebook for more exposure, which was easy enough where it would only take about ten minutes of my time, so I bit the bullet and set up a profile.

I must say I'm getting a kick out of reconnecting with old friends and fellow authors I haven't seen in a while. But I'm also meeting new people. Anyone who has ever looked for anyone on Facebook is probably aware of how many people out there have the same name, and two of my new friends are Bettye Griffin and Bette Griffen.

Bettye was aware of me, as people have asked her over the years if she's the novelist. Bette learned about me when she noticed there were two more of us out there with the same name and saw I was a writer.

I always knew there was at least one other Bettye Griffin out there; someone is listed on Amazon as having written a book with a copyright back in 1980 (no, I did not write the book Family to Family). But it's really swivvy to learn that there are two more whom I never would have known about otherwise, since we're all in different parts of the country. I'm so pleased to have met both ladies, and you can bet if I ever get to their respective neck of the woods I'll see if we can meet for lunch!

Incidentally, I'm doing a guest blog today about writer obsession (but it's not creepy, I promise) over at Love Is An Exploding Cigar. Please drop by later (it's not yet posted as I write this at 7AM Central Time) and leave a comment for a chance to win an autographed copy of Save The Best For Last!


Katrina Spencer said...

Like you Bettye I am wary of all the networking sites out there. But I'm glad that you enjoy Facebook. I haven't tried it yet, but I hear (like Twitter) it's quite addictive.

bettye griffin said...

I really think it can be addictive, especially when you're connecting with people and/or looking with them. I put strict limits on the time I spend there. Can't lose track of what my goals!