Urban-Reviews.com Gives A New Kind of Bliss 5 stars!

I saw Jackie at last weekend's Bookfest in Milwaukee and she told me she absolutely loved the book, but I wasn't expecting the Top Shelf rating (I thought it would be a 4, which I'll take at any time!)

Here's what Jackie had to say:

"After Emily's father passed away, she decided to go back to her hometown and her mother. Emily had no time for a personal life due to helping her mother out. That's until she unexpectedly meets Dr. Aaron Merritt. Aaron's a successful physician, very handsome, and a single parent. Aaron showers her with expensive gifts and extravagant dinners, but there's something missing from her relationship with Aaron.

"Emily runs into a guy from junior high that she used to have a huge crush on named Teddy. Teddy doesn't have Aaron's money, but he's the one that can fill the void missing in her relationship with Aaron. What will Emily decide? Will she continue to see Aaron and live in the lap of luxury or will she choose true love?

"Bettye Griffin keeps your interest in A New Kind of Bliss from beginning to end. She intrigues readers with the complications of Emily's life and the decisions she needs to make about her future. I thoroughly enjoyed this book because of the characters in the story. Each character had his or her story to tell and it was told in such great depth that it would peek your interest to find out what would happen next."

A New Kind of Bliss is available from stores and online retailers.