Ready, Set, Go (It's Movie Trivia time)

Welcome to Movie Trivia 2010. I started this contest a few years ago, because a) I love movies, and b) the ARCs of my books (which have been coming out in the springtime for the past five years) arrive at about this time. A contest was born, and I've been doing it every year since.

This year's Movie Trivia will consist of a question or questions from Friday, February 19th, approximately every two days, with the last set of questions being asked on Friday, March 5th (2 weeks). You will have roughly 48 hours to send in your answers (I plan to post answers and the next set of questions by about 12 noon Central Time), but this is a very flexible plan and you might have more time. In the case of the last set of answers, these will absolutely be due by no later than 12 noon Central Time on Sunday, March 7th. Winners to be announced that day by 6PM Central Time, just before the Academy Awards are presented. [Note: The movies in question will not necessarily be past Academy Award contenders.] Prizes will be shipped on Monday, March 8th.

All answers are to be either posted to this blog (they will not be published until answers are made public) or sent to me via email: bettye AT Please do not post answers on my Facebook page; the whole idea is to answer privately.

1st: An ARC of Trouble Down The Road
2nd*: An autographed set of The People Next Door and Nothing But Trouble (mass market editions) [may substitute Once Upon A Project mass market edition for one title]
3rd*: An autographed copy of Save The Best For Last

*If winner has read my past books, gift certificates for Amazon will be substituted.

Good luck, and let's have some fun! Now, let's get started with the first set of quotes:

1) "Rosebud."

2) "Now, I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

3) "Last night, I dreamt I went to Manderley again."

Next, the scoring:
Five points for the movie each of the above quotes came from. Five bonus points if you correctly guess what all three of these lines have in common.

Have a great weekend, everybody! Remember to submit your answers by Sunday! You will have more time; my schedule will prevent me from posting the answers until about 5PM Central Time.


PatriciaW said...

You're really letting us ease into this year's trivia contest.

1 -- Citizen Kane

2 -- Patton

3 -- Rebecca

All three lines are the opening lines of their respective movies.

Gotta get a few early points because I know it's going to get much harder. :)

DonnaD said...

Ah Bettye, so we begin. And you're not making this easy, that's for sure!

Let's see:

1) The movie is "Citizen Kane".
2) The movie is "Patton".
3) The movie is "Rebecca".

The bonus: Each of the lines is the first line in the movie.

Yeah, that's right, I'm in it to win it!!! :)

Also, I'm off FB for Lent so if you need to reach me, send me an email. :)