December 13, 2012

Sales Resistance - Not!

I went Christmas shopping for the grandchildren last weekend.  I ended up getting a pretty sweater dress for my very feminine 6-year-old granddaughter.  I didn't see anything I liked for my grandson.  The bulk of my purchases that day were for my own household.  I bought towels and matching face cloths, plus a set of sheets that had been marked down.

I find that I can't resist bed linens (last weekend while Christmas shopping I bought a bed skirt, two sets of pillowcases for the extra pillows on the bed, more towels and face cloths, and dish towels).  Nothing says comfort to me more than a bed with a lot of pillows, soft sheets, and a nice thick quilt to curl up under.  This is especially soothing during the cold Wisconsin winters.

I also find handbags hard to resist.  On my very first day of shopping, while looking for a pair of leather gloves for my mom, I found a gorgeous leather purse at Wilson's Leather, with that fresh leather smell and large enough for all the stuff I cart around, and with my two must-haves:  a zipped outer compartment and a shoulder strap.

Some women can't have enough shoes, hats, little black dresses, or crisp white blouses.  For me it's bed linens and handbags.  What are your hard-to-resist items?


Ms. Peaches said...

For some reason I love car coffee cups. I am always buying a new one and throwing away the old ones. I am a Coach fan, a MAC make-up fan and I can't pass up a shoe store.

I agree the vision of a made up, clean, soft, cozy bed is alluring. I have a very comfy bed with all of the pillows and really nice thread count sheets are a must.

bettye griffin said...

I can understand that, Peaches...I've seen some pretty neat-looking car cups out there lately. As far as the bed linens and pillows go, we do spend something like one-third of our lives in bed, so why not be comfortable?

Thanks for posting! Glad I'm not alone!