December 20, 2012

My Twelve Days of Christmas Sale is Here!

The actual 12 days of Christmas, of course, run from December 26th to January 6th...but in the world of romance it can start as early as mid-December, as authors offer special deals for the holiday.  I chose the last 12 days of the year for mine, because I want all of you who receive eReaders for Christmas to be able to participate, as well as those of you who already own eReader devices.

So here is my gift to you, because it's so hard to save a buck these days:  From today through December 31st all six of my current Bunderful Books titles, Save The Best For Last, The Heat of Heat, A Kiss of a Different Color, Isn't She Lovely?, Accidentally Yours, and Something Real are all 40% off the cover price...that's right, 40%.  This is a great time to stock up for yourself or be generous to a friend, because gifting is also an option.  These prices are only available at my is next to impossible to change prices at retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, which is why I opened my eStore in the first place!  eBooks are offered in MOBI format (Kindle), ePUB format (Sony, Nook, and others), and PDF (all the rest).  Payment is via Paypal, and there are absolutely no additional processing charges involved; you only pay the price of the eBooks you purchase!  Although there are links to traditional eBook retailers listed on each eBook's page, the sale price listed will only be in effect when you buy directly from my eStore.

A note about my eStore...only the titles listed under the heading Bunderful Books are included in this sale.  My traditionally published books are not on sale.

Thank you, and in addition to wishing you good reading, I wish you all the blessings of the season and all good things in the year ahead!