December 23, 2012

Time For A Christmas Romance

There's something so, so comforting about sitting on the sofa after dinner, with the lights of the Christmas tree blinking, warmed by the fire going in the fireplace, the grass outside covered with snow (this is Wisconsin, after all), as I sip eggnog (with nutmeg, whipped cream, and rum, of course) and either read a Christmas-themed romance (with the lights on) or watch those Christmas romance movies on Lifetime or Hallmark (in which case just the light from the fireplace and tree will do).  Sometimes I pull out my DVDs with old movies like Christmas in Connecticut or newer ones like The Holiday.  So many utterly charming stories out there about the magic that is romance.  It makes me want to write one.

I tell myself that every year, but of course, the week before Christmas is no time to think about writing a holiday romance...or is it?

The holiday spirit is in the air.  It's hard to capture the unique magic of the holidays in, say, July.  And maybe that's my problem.  In December I say it's too late.  In July I'm not in the mood.

Gotta do something about that...

Merry Christmas, Everybody!