September 21, 2013

Meanwhile, Somewhere in the Blogosphere...

Some interesting blog columns have appeared recently I thought I'd share with you...

Author Jody Hedlund offers tips on creating sigh-worthy romance stories (sighs of satisfaction, that is, not of the take-this-shit-off-my-eReader type).

If you're not all a-Twitter, Annie Neugebauer explains Everything You Need to Know About Hashtags at Writer Unboxed

If you're interested in tips on what makes a good eBook cover, check out Joel Friedlander's monthly eBook Cover Awards at The Book Designer.  New covers (and comments) every month. 

As I get closer to starting my small-town series, Karen S. Wiesner details mistakes to avoid when writing a series at the Writer's Digest blog.

More about series writing by Larissa Reinhart at Romance University.

Hope you find these useful!