September 29, 2013

First Look:  Secrets & Sins and its prequel, Sinner Man

Here are the covers, beautifully designed by Sean D. Young of Young Creations.  At this time I am planning on releasing Sinner Man sometime in the latter part of October.

Its first sentence:  The gossip started well before the ceremony.

Sinner Man will also include a preview of Secrets & Sins that is all but guaranteed to make you want to keep reading!  It will be a free download from my Bunderful Books website (stay tuned; I'll announce when it's available), and possibly even at other retailers if they cooperate, although not right away.

I am hoping to have Secrets & Sins available for purchase sometime in November.  It is not exactly a short book, and it will have to undergo a vigorous editing and proofreading process, so it will all depend on the schedule of my editor and my proofreader. 

I do hope you're planning on reading!  What do you think of the covers?