September 26, 2013

Anatomy of an eBook:  Secrets & Sins

I've been busy writing Secrets & Sins, so busy that I am now at the point where I am determining whether or not I need to put in bridging scenes so changes in action don't seem so abrupt.  Does this mean publication is imminent?  No.

Let me explain.  My editor has informed me that she is contracted for the time I had hoped to send her my manuscript.  This alone means I need to push back the publication.  I then decided to do a prequel, since there is plenty in this story that I can expand upon, especially when you consider that the inciting action takes place in the mid-1950s, over 50 years before the present day when everything starts to unravel.  I plan to have the prequel published by the third week of October at the latest, and like the last time I did this (with the prequel Lost That Lovin' Feeling, prequel to Love Will Follow), the prequel will be free at my publisher website and 99 cents at major retail sites, unless I can get it free there also.

I hope to publish Secrets & Sins in the latter part of November.  I'll probably unveil the cover next week, so stay tuned!