"I am not a racist" (continued from the last prominent person's foot-in-mouth incident)

First, let me say that I have little interest in anything Don Imus has to say. I never liked the man, even back in the day when I lived in New York. I found his TV commercials for his (with a group of black people dressed in choir robes singing behind him) racially offensive. I wasn't too thrilled with the singers who took that job, either.

Second, I'm all for freedom of speech and all that, but I do feel that children and students should always be off limits from nasty remarks. To call any group of females ''nappy-headed ho's" ranks among the lowest of the low. To refer to students - young college athletes - in that manner is just abominable. It was so vile that most news programs didn't dare repeat the phrase. If I had a daughter on that team I'd want to run him down in the street and spit on his body.

I'm rather enjoying his humble attitude - I don't believe for one minute that he's remorseful about what he said, just that he truly fears he'll be fired. (Personally, I can't figure out why he just doesn't retire; he looks like Mick Jagger's older brother, and Mick looks like he's 80.) But will he really lose his job over the flap? Don't count on it. He's worth too much to his employer in terms of ad revenue. I won't be upset if he is let go; however, I think a suspension with no pay for 60 or even 90 days should suffice. Hit the shock jock with a shock to his wallet.

But don't count on it. Money talks.

To be continued, not with this issue but the next time somebody puts their foot in their mouth
. . . .


Gwyneth Bolton said...

"the next time somebody puts their foot in their mouth"

Which will be soon in my opinion. I feel like we are really regressing as a society. You can say what you want about the "PC" era, but at least some folk were more careful about what they said in public. First Mel Gibson, then Kramer, now Imus... I'll tell you, white men are just letting all their hatred fly out of their mouths when and wherever they feel like it. I had to check my calendar for a minute to make sure I wasn't back in Reconstruction or something...


Chick Lit Gurrl said...

Well, Imus did lose some of my spots, and I'm oh so grateful for it though I know it really boils down to advertising money as to why he lost his job. I have to say that this incident just was the straw that broke my damn back. I had to blog about it myself over at MySpace. That he would think it's okay to say and then have the nerve to say we took it out of its comedic context. I know comedy - that wasn't it.