They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore
I always bring a supply of CDs with me to work, since my work calls for deep concentration and my wearing headphones does not interfere.
My favorite CDs are the ones I make myself, because I don't have to include any selections I don't particularly like. That's my problem with CDs, I usually find myself having to fast forward through a one or two songs that just don't do anything for me.
One of the CDs I brought to work today was one of the early releases by the Temptations, called Temptin' Temptations. It came out about 1964 or '65 (they wore short pants and processed hair, for heaven's sake!) I remember one of my siblings bringing it when we went to visit family out of town, and I fell asleep and dribbled on it, much to their annoyance. The CD is short - most songs from 40 years ago ran three minutes in length - but it's a good one. Every song is wonderful. And the harmony of these five young men from Detroit was in its finest form. Damn, those boys could sing! Who could know at the time, with their future looking so bright, that four of the five would die before their time, of a possible suicide (Paul Williams), lung cancer (Eddie Kendricks), drug addiction (David Ruffin), and complications of rheumatoid arthritis (Melvin Franklin). This was the original Temptations at their very best.
I started thinking about what other CDs that are no short of perfection, and here are some of my choices:
Stephanie Mills's first album, produced by Mtume and Lucas (the one with her first hit, "What'cha Gonna Do With My Lovin'")
Joe Bataan, "Singin' Some Soul"
George Benson, "Breezin'" (his masterpiece, in my opinion)
Vanessa Williams, "The Sweetest Days"
Marilyn Scott, "Take Me With You"
Kenny Rankin, "The Kenny Rankin Album"
Do you know of a perfect CD? Let's hear about it!


Chick Lit Gurrl said...

Marvin Gaye's VULNERABLE is lovely. I used to listen to it a lot when I studied or when I wrote. The songs feel like a light breeze, a perfect, fluffy cloud. I LOVE this CD. I don't do a lot of new music these days. Since I bought an Ipod (the itty bitty one), I've taken to just uploading individual songs I like from the iTunes store.