The Author is always the last to know

Some good news to report. Both the book club and audio rights to A New Kind of Bliss have been sold. A New Kind of Bliss will be a featured selection of the Black Expressions Book Club, and an audio version will be released by Recorded Books (although the latter probably not until sometime in early 2010).

I actually found out about the Black Expressions sale when I instinctively went to their site and put in my name to see what titles popped up (because the publisher has forgotten to tell me about this in the past). Voila! A chat with my editor clarified everything for me.

I wish you happy reading and listening.


PatriciaW said...

Congratulations, Bettye! And I like the new photo.

DonnaD said...

Congratulations Bettye! That is awesome! I'll have to ask about how you got on BEBC one day. You deserve to be there.

bettye griffin said...

Thanks, Patricia! The photographer got a kick out of putting me in different poses with my books. For a look at the other poses I purchased, visit my web site and check out the slide show of photos and book covers on the bottom right.

Donna, my understanding is that Black Expressions gets information directly from the publishers on their upcoming books and decides from that which ones to buy. I've been fortunate . . . they've selected 4 of my 5 mainstream titles to date. The book club editor did tell my agent when they met at a function that she likes my work.

Thanks for the good wishes.

Rhonda McKnight said...

Great news, Bettye. Love the book cover.