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I'm turning the spotlight over to LaShaunda Hoffman of the popular SORMAG (Shades of Romance Magazine), who is sharing tips with you about doing podcasts. While you're here, please listen to my podcast, which you'll find on the sidebar on the left.

Take it away, LaShaunda! And thanks for stopping by to chew the fat on your blog tour.

10 Tips For Promoting With Podcasts

1. Create a podcast about a subject you know (i.e., How to Write Dialogue)

2. Create a podcast you can turn into workshops

3. Read an excerpt

4 . Interview someone

5. Have someone interview you

6. Host your own radio show

7. Feature your podcasts on your site

8. Feature your podcast on other sites

9. Make copies on CD and give away

10. Include links to your podcast in your signature.

I’ve listened to podcasts for a few years now. I enjoy the ones that teach me something. I created my first podcast this year, and I was hooked. A writer can come up with many creative ways to use podcasts in their promotion. You can feature a different podcast each month and it will help you promote your books.

Hello everyone, my name is LaShaunda Hoffman and I’d like to thank Bettye for letting me introduce SORMAG to you. I’ll tell you a little about me. I turned my love of books into an online magazine, and we’ve been online for nine years. The years flew by fast because I was doing something I enjoyed. I continue to look forward to the coming years because I know I’ll be meeting more writers and having the opportunity to introduce them to readers.

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Bettye, thank you again for inviting me to your blog, if anyone has a question for me feel free to leave a comment. I will be checking back throughout the day to answer them.

I invite the readers to become a member of our community. I’d also like to offer a special report, FIVE TIPS TO BUILDING AN ONLINE PRESENCE.

Send an email to http://us.mc518.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=sormagcontest@yahoo.com with special report in the subject and I’ll send you a copy.


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Visit the following blogs for a chance to win.

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PatriciaW said...

Podcasting? And I thought I had to have something to say to have a blog!

Great information, as always. I'll put this one in the back pocket for a while.

LaShaunda said...

Hi Pat,

Thanks for stopping by. Take your top blog posts and turn them into pod casts. Your hard work is done because you already have the content.

When I use to do the online radio, those were podcasts just before their time. LOL

LaShaunda said...


Thanks so much for featuring SORMAG. We appreciate you :)

bettye griffin said...

You're welcome, LaShaunda! It's been quiet here. I hope we've had more readers than commenters . . . .

rhonda mcknight said...

I haven't listened to many podcast, but recently listened to few that were done by Ty Moody. They're great. I'll definitly have to do a few for my novel.