One Week To Go . . .

. . . until the official release of A New Kind of Bliss on Tuesday, April 28th.

I was looking at my Amazon listing yesterday and, out of curiosity, checked the other titles people have been ordering along with ANKOB. To my surprise, the majority of the titles were not mainstream women's fiction, not romance, but in the inspirational category. I thought this was interesting, and I do hope readers aren't expecting "bliss" of the religious kind. This book, like all my novels, ends on a hopeful note, and while it is not particularly explicit (a rather neat trick for a book largely about achieving sexual satisfaction) there's a little salty language in it.

Not all the other titles were inspirational fiction, just most of them. I guess that readers of inspirational fiction like to mix it up a little.

At least, that's what I hope. I'd hate like hell - I mean, I'd hate for anyone to pick up my book, thinking it's something different than what it is.


PatriciaW said...

Well, you know I love inspirational fiction, but I also like to mix it up so that may well explain it. Part of the issue might be that Amazon doesn't have a story description up yet, so readers are guessing (although you'd think they'd visit your blog or website for details).

Will be interesting to see what kind of feedback you receive.

DonnaD said...

I think the reason that there's a crossover is that inspirational fiction is closer to mainstream fiction than Christian fiction. You're more likely to see some "language" and maybe a sexual reference or two, though at some point, God will be mentioned, thus differentiating yours from theirs. :)

I like to mix up my reading as well. I find if I get stuck in one genre, it tends to read the same. What I like about your stories is that they're good reads and very layered. And if there's a little "salt" thrown in, it's not explicit and it works for the character.

I will also be curious about feedback.

I'm also excited about your new release. What emotions are you experiencing? Is it different now than your first release? (Yeah, I'm getting nervous about mine.)

Anonymous said...

Bettye, I have to admit this post tickled my funny bone. --Reon

bettye griffin said...

Yes, I'll just have to wait and see. And stop laughing, Reon!

Donna, right now my printer is spitting out postcards and I'm sticking labels on them as fast as I can (including a return label). In other words, when a new book is coming out there's no time to think. I'm like a robot!

Thanks, Donna and Patricia, for sharing your tastes in reading.