Easter Wishes to One and All

About to head out to work for the last day this week. I'm off tomorrow and Friday . . . just in time to work on the tax return from Hades.

If anybody in the blogosphere is located near Racine, Wisconsin, I'll be doing a signing Saturday morning at the Upscale Salon & Studio (yes, a book signing at a hair salon), so stop on by! I'm hoping that everybody getting their hair done for Easter will want something to read while they're waiting for an operator or sitting under the dryer.

My father passed away April 12, 1999, so this Easter will mark his tenth anniversary in Heaven. We all miss him so much.

Have a glorious Easter, everyone! I'll be back to the blog next week. BTW, is there anyone else there like me who waits until the last minute to do their tax return (or get it done), or are all of you sickeningly organized?


PatriciaW said...

You, Bettye, are not alone. I haven't begun. Not one iota. So I'm filing an extension, and then I'll get started with the pressure off. I might even finish before the 15th!

Have a wonderful Easter!

Lori said...

As far as the taxes, no Bettye, you aren't the only one who waits until the last minute. We had ours done today. Whether we owe or have a refund coming, we always wait.

Oh and Happy Easter! Best to you on your signing.