All Active on the Publishing Front gives Save The Best For Last 4-1/2 stars!

Genevieve Shane has all the material things money can buy. On top of that, she is intelligent as well as beautiful. She has everything...except her U.S. citizenship. Time is running out, and she has to do something, fast. If the INS catches up with her and deports her back to her country, she will be killed. Her current beau, Barry, whom she has no romantic feelings for at all, offers marriage. Gen is desperate, so she accepts, even though she only believes in marriage for love. When their plans are delayed, Barry suggests she move into his friends' rental room, where she would share the upstairs floor with an unkempt, devilishly handsome doctor who is in law school. Dexter Gray has one more semester before he will be finished with law school, but he has encountered a problem. Can Gen and Dexter come to a mutual agreement that will benefit them both without their hearts getting involved?

Save The Best For Last is an excellent read by Bettye Griffin. The characters are very realistic and relatable. You find yourself drawn to the characters and rooting for their relationship to succeed. The plot was very well developed. The storyline also flowed well, which made for an easy read. I thoroughly enjoyed Save The Best For Last.

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