Friday Funny

This is obviously an old ad. My guess is that these people all died premature deaths from clogged arteries.

Have a great weekend!


Patricia W. said...

Good one, Bettye, but I don't know. My mom cooked everything in shortening for years, when a little oil was needed. But she rarely deep fried anything, except maybe some fish on Fridays. She's 86.

The more I think about my new eating plan--lots of veggies, fruits, nuts, and fish--the more I realize I'm eating the way my mom always ate sans the shortening.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Now that's a funny one.


bettye griffin said...

Isn't there a difference between shortening and lard? I thought shortening is somewhat less fatty (and therefore more expensive) than basic lard. Just think about how pretty those Crisco labels were, with the photographs of cherry pies and fried chicken. I've seen lard sold in Southern supermarkets, and those huge cans usually just have a plain white label with the word "LARD" written across it in bold black letters. I used to see it and think, "Death in a can."

Glad it made you chuckle!