Yes, I Did It . . . Exploited the Murder of My Son for Money, That Is

It was quietly announced on the news this morning that O.J. Simpson's controversial book, If I Did It, is getting published after all.

A judge assigned the rights to the book to the family of Ronald Goldman, who has arranged for the book to be published with all royalties going to them. This will represent payment for the wrongful death judgment issued years ago and never collected on. I don't think O.J. Simpson cares about this; he's already gotten paid.

I'm waiting for all the collective outrage to begin, all that righteous anger protesting the publication of the book that arose last year, heavily publicized in the media. I always felt this idea was in poor taste. At the center was the slaughter of two human beings. However, everyone didn't feel that way. In the middle of all the hubbub, orders for the book pushed it to #1 on Amazon, while other folks behind the scenes scrambled to get their hands on advance copies.

Personally, I think the lurid subject matter is a lot more offensive when it is published by the family than by the accused. I suppose that if there's not so much as a peep of objection out of the public at this news, that means it's okay to make money off of the gruesome knife murder of your loved one.

Hey, if they're not happy with the amount of blood money they make, maybe they'll get lucky and another family member will get bumped off by a celebrity. No, make that a black celebrity, for the racial issue has has always been the newsworthy factor in this case.

Two posts before 8AM. That's a record for me. I'm calling it a day. I go out with one word . . .



Donna D said...

While I sympathize with anyone on a tragic loss, the Goldman family's hypocrisy knows no bounds. They don't want justice or vengance, they want money pure and simple. And it's sad because the real tragedy is the loss of their son and Simpson's children losing their mother.

If the Goldmans had tried to stop the publication to stop OJ from profiting, fine, I get that. But now they're adding their "commentary" so they can make OJ look dumber than he already does.

Everyone knows he did it; the only ones profiting from it are Ron Goldman's family members.

bettye griffin said...

I hate to say it, but this is the type of behavior that breathes life into an old, unfortunate stereotype about people of a certain religon.


Gwyneth Bolton said...

It's really a shame. I do doubt there will be the same outrage though. And some folk that would have probably purchased the book and tried to hide that fact will by it openly now in the name of support. Because as much outrage as there was, you know that book was going to top the best sellers list one way or another. And now, folks have a so-called legitimate reason... Like I said... a shame...


bettye griffin said...

Good point, Gwyneth, about people convincing themselves that they're supporting a good cause.

Donna D said...

So now the Denise Brown (Nicole's sister) is now objecting and saying that the Goldmans are hypocritical for condemning the book then turning around and trying to profit from it. Their lawyers say Denise is a hypocite because their family (the Browns) tried to negotiate some profits when OJ tried to sell it.

I think they're all pitiful.

bettye griffin said...

Well said, Donna!