Keeping up with Baby Jones

On line ahead of me at Wal-Mart this weekend was an adorable baby girl with her parents. She was a real Personality Kid, grinning and laughing at her daddy while her mother busily compared two products, trying to decide which one to buy. What struck me about her was that although quite small, she had two upper and two lower teeth. I asked the mom how old she was. "Seven months," she replied.

Seven months! My first thought was that my own grandchild is ten months and is just teething with her bottom teeth, which haven't broken through yet. This child was three months younger and had four teeth already? How does that make our baby look?

I told my husband about this when I got home, and he (having raised children while I have not) told me to chill, that all babies are on different schedules, and that getting one's first teeth at ten months is hardly considered abnormally slow development.

I put this into a writing perspective (which I understand better than babies). Would I compare myself to any of my fellow authors? No, because everyone is different. Some writers can produce four or even five books a year. Others can only do one or two. So whether it's getting teeth, walking, or saying their first word, some babies are going to come out ahead.

Speaking of walking, just last week we got to see our little bundle take a few steps all by herself before she collapsed in a heap to the carpet.


Donna D said...

So that means I shouldn't be jealous because you have 13 books out and I'm trying to get my first one, right? LOL!!!

Seriously, you're dead on with that perspective. Even as I press to get my first book out and second one written, there's someone looking at me and itching to get their first one completed. All in due time.

And congrats on baby girl's first steps! It's adorable now, but wait until she learns to run!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

See now I would have been thinking, dang what's wrong with that kid that she's getting teeth so early... must be the steroids in the food... I wonder what other abnormal things... LOL.

Seriously, I like the analogy. I'm always telling people that the sure way to not do what you need to do is to be busy looking at what everyone else is doing. So if I'm counting how many books so-and-so had released this year or checking out her reviews, I'm not writing my own books. So I write my books and do produce what I can... Great post, Bettye.


bettye griffin said...

You said a mouthful. "All in due time." Brief, to the point, and dead-on.

And yes, Baby Girl is going to be a handful . . . I'm glad I'm not the one who'll have to run after her!

I'm with you 100%. Tremendous amounts of time can be wasted worrying what So-and-So is up to.

Thanks for your posts.


Patricia W. said...

Never thought about kids' growth compared to writing but it makes sense. Everyone has their own pace and their own way.

First kid walked well before he got teeth, which was about 13 months. Last kid? Woke up one morning at seven months after going to bed toothless, and had five teeth! No lie.

bettye griffin said...

"Never thought about kids' growth compared to writing. . ."

It is an unlikely comparison, isn't it?