A New Writing Challenge

Come on, all you armchair wannabe writers who missed the 70 Days of Sweat Challenge, there's a new one that starts this week. Fast Draft is sponsored by author Candace Havens. The goal is to complete a first draft of a novel in two weeks. That's right, two weeks. Obviously the point is not to have a polished novel, but to have one that has a defined beginning, middle, and end. In other words, a novel that with polishing and revising can be saleable. One of the must-do's to accomplish this is to stop editing the damn thing or fussing over sentences that aren't quite grammatical and just let those words pour out. Sounds like a great way to produce for fussbudgets like me.

So put a muzzle on your inner editor and head over to Candy's web site at www.candacehavens.com and click on Workshops on the left of the screen for more information.