Another Great Post (not mine)

Aspiring writers, or those with time management issues, check out Saturday Chit-Chat with Cindi Myers over at the Plot Monkeys Blog ( As you know, I'm big on making the most out of small blocks of time. I follow most, if not all, of the six points Cindi makes.

That's enough time today devoted to blogs. I need to get back to my read-over of my work in progress.


Patricia W. said...

I'm charting my scenes today but I took a few minutes out to check email and blogs. Love the Plotmonkeys' writing clinics on Saturdays.

Shelia said...

Great tips and timely...especially since I'm workng on a new manuscript. Every time I start a new one people from everywhere call, email and knock on the door. I have a conference call tomorrow; but besides that I don't plan on answering the phone and surfing the net will have to wait until tomorrow evening.

bettye griffin said...

Patricia and Shelia,
Glad you found that post helpful. I thought it was wonderful, too.