Follow-Up on Latest Foot-in-Mouth Case

Dr. James D. Watson, the Nobel Prize-winning biologist, has announced his retirement from the Chancellor position, as well as his seat on the board of directors, of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island, New York.

The retirement comes in the wake of an uproar stemming from Dr. Watson's remarks that people of African descent are not as intelligent as those of European descent, and following his suspension from the laboratory "until further notice" (translation: until his arm was twisted to the point where he cried out, "All right, I'll retire!")

Putting him out to pasture is certainly the ending I would have chosen.


Patricia W. said...

Tha man is almost 80. I'm all for working well past the retirement age, if one is able. But sometimes folks are only physically able.

I don't think his remarks were a factor of his age, because he has a long history of saying ignorant things but given that, he should have been retired long ago.

bettye griffin said...

Yes, Patricia, he does have a history of this. Brilliance aside, his racism runs bone deep. And apparently, this was the straw that broke the camel's back!

shelia said...

At 80, he knew exactly what he was saying. He's got away with it for 80 years, so in his mind, I'm sure he didn't think he said or did anything wrong.

bettye griffin said...

Yeah Shelia, but this was one time I'll bet he's wishing he'd kept his mouth shut. How a person's career ends tends to leave the biggest mark, not what you accomplished.

Just goes to show how racism can kill a career.