TV Time

At every start to the TV season I tell myself I'm going to watch this show and that show . . . and I usually don't. TV just doesn't grab me like it used to.

I caught the season premiere of Desperate Housewives while on vacation, and will continue to watch. I thought the premiere was especially sharp, with that little surprise regarding the Edie character and also the introduction of new characters, complete with a whole new mystery. They redeemed themselves last year after Season 2 ventured off into the silly.

There's supposed to be a show on about husbands, but I can't remember the name of it. It might be interesting to look at life and marriage from the standpoint of men.

I already enjoy Kelsey Grammer's new comedy Back To You. (Frasier, in my opinion, was one of the funniest TV shows ever, and I still watch the reruns. This new show has the same producers and many of the same writers, and although this one isn't quite as good - it gives me chuckles rather than belly laughs - it's still early in the game.

Last year we bowled on Thursday nights, so I missed a lot of Ugly Betty. I used to watch it on the computer, but then I kind of lost interest. So now I haven't the faintest idea what's going on. But Vanessa Williams and Ana Ortiz are such hoots in that.

Jimmy Smits' new show, Cane, seemed interesting. I just hope they don't kill of Hector Elizondo's character. It's about time somebody put on a drama with a Hispanic family. It's held my attention so far.

My husband and I watched Ken Burns' newest documentary (14 hours!) on The War (as my father, a veteran of it, used to say, putting emphasis on the The). Riveting, as always. (for those of you who don't know, it's about the big one . . . WWII.)

Sunday nights are going to be difficult. Desperate Housewives is up against another favorite of mine, Cold Case (makes me teary-eyed every time). I'm curious to see what happens with that interracial romance between the heavyset cop and his attractive neighbor, who has a teenage son who was at first distrustful of his mother's new friend but is now warming up to him. And come January, the return of Law & Order to a timeslot opposite both of them!!! I guess I'll watch Law & Order when it airs, see Desperate Housewives on the computer replay 24 hours later, and catch reruns of Cold Case.

How about you? What shows are you watching? Any disappointments? Any surprises?


Gwyneth Bolton said...

I watched Desperate Housewives . I'm not sure if it will remain an must see for me. I love the show that comes on after it Brothers and Sisters . So far my only must see show is Heroes. I will still watch Grey's Anatomy . But I'm not sure that I will keep up. It's starting to work my nerves already.


Melissa Blue said...

All the shows I was addicted to had their season's finale. But tonight Law and Order Criminal Intent is coming on. I've been a faithful viewer of that show for two years.

Anonymous said...

I really like the new show Cane. I hope it sticks around for a few seasons. Sugar is the New Oil...:)

bettye griffin said...

Gwyneth, my sister was telling me how good Brothers & Sisters is. I'll say this - that Sally Field looks fabulous!

Mel, I'm a "the-original-is-still-the-best" gal, myself, although I do watch the Criminal Intent and SVU franchises occasionally. I'll be thinking of you when the new season of CI starts . . . tonight, I think.

Shelia, I think Jimmy Smits has gotten even better-looking with age!