He Looks Awfully Slim to Me

Hillary Clinton's people are reportedly watching Al Gore very closely for signs of weight loss. You might have noticed that former Vice President and near-President has put on some serious pounds in recent years. Apparently, Hillary's people feel that a weight loss might signal an intent to jump into (and thus change the dynamics of) the Democratic race for the nomination. After all, everyone wants to put their best profile forward.

He is all over the news as the most prominent member of the team that shares the Nobel Peace Prize win. This photo was taken today. He definitely looks like he's shed some of that extra weight.

Then again, maybe he just wants to get in shape to look better for himself.


Anonymous said...

I was happy to hear he won the Nobel Peace Prize. Its good to see he's still trying to do things to help people and/or the environment. I'm surprised Jimmy Carter wasn't nominated this year.

PatriciaW said...

Does look like he's lost some weight, doesn't it?

But I'm thinking winning a Nobel Peace Prize only drives him further away from running for office.

bettye griffin said...

I'm glad for him, too. Perhaps this will be his legacy. It had to hurt to come so close to a lifelong dream, only to lose it in that debacle.

I'm inclined to think he won't run, too.

Thanks, Shelia and Patricia!

DonnaD said...

People close to him have said that he won't run because winning the Nobel gives him the international stage to address global warming and other environmental issues that he couldn't do if he ran for and won the office.

Personally, I think he's got a great comedic spirit and should go into movies and television like Fred Thompson. His turns on SNL and the Oscars were hilarious!

bettye griffin said...

Yes, I agree, Donna. He sometimes comes off as being staid and uninteresting, but he seems to have a great sense of humor.