Progress Report/See You on the Radio

I got some work done on my work in progress over the weekend. I haven't done a count recently, and was pleasantly surprised to see I've passed the halfway mark:

I really could have done better, but I was feeling a little sluggish all weekend (now that it's time to go back to work, I'm feeling better.

I'm doing an Internet Radio tonight with Cheryl Robinson of Just About Books, so if you've got some free time at 9PM Eastern Time, listen live at . Cheryl also informs me that the interview will be posted on the web site for about 60 days afterward.

Happy Monday to you!


Yasmin said...

congrats and I will try and listen to you this evening.


Anonymous said...

I'll check you out. Congrats on the progress. Love the pic :)

PatriciaW said...

Love the graphic. I'll try to catch the show.

bettye griffin said...

Thanks, ladies! The name of the people who did the graphic appears near it, so by all means check out their web site. They have an assortment of graphics to go with whatever emotion the writer is feeling: shock, disgust, euphoria, etc.

I often listen to Internet radio interviews at work (I keep a set of headphones in my desk). I think they have to update the site for more recent shows (the last time I checked they only went up to July), but I guess Cheryl Robinson expects that to be done very soon.