Tagged Again

I've been foiled, tagged . . . and it's only Monday, for crying out loud.

My colleague Deirdre Savoy is the guilty party this time.

Total number of books:
I presume this means the number I possess at the moment. Very few, maybe three novels plus a handful of writing aids. Even before we relocated up here, my husband made the rather ominous remark that there was room in our house for either me or my books. Carting them up from a four-bedroom house to a one-bedroom apartment made no sense, and only the important stuff went into storage, so I shipped several cartons as a donation to the New Orleans Library. Since the library up here is deficient when it comes to contemporary A-A fiction, they're the recipient of the books I acquire now after I've read them.

Last Book Read:
I haven't finished the one I'm currently reading, so I can't count that one. Can't name the last one I completed, since it was too implausible and I just skimmed until I got to the end. The one before that was pretty good, uplifting and all that, but the author's incessant use of the character's names in and out of dialogue was too distracting. Very disappointing, coming from what is supposed to be a seasoned author. (Damn, how far back do I have to go already?) Before that . . . let's see . . . I guess it was Kayla Perrin's book about a sorority hazing gone horribly wrong . . . oh, what's it called . . . We'll Never Tell. That's it. Good book.

Five meaningful books:
The Love Machine by Jacqueline Susann. Very well put together. I learned a lot about characterization from that one, how to balance one's cast. In my opinion she peaked with this one; that next one she wrote was too silly.

Your Blues Ain't Like Mine by Bebe Moore Campbell. Taught me the importance of fresh metaphors vs. tired clich├ęs. Her first novel and in my opinion her masterpiece. I admit it: I couldn't finish Singing in the Comeback Choir.

Plenty Good Room by Teresa Watson McClain. Beautifully told story of a troubled teen with a difficult home life. I see she's writing for Sepia now. I really must pick up one of her books. A wonderful talent who, unlike Ms. Susann and Ms. Campbell, is still among us.

Waiting to Exhale by Terry McMillan. An epiphany. There I was, in my mid-thirties, reading about black women who were also in their mid-thirties. It was heavenly. It was also (says me) her best book. I read somewhere that she's doing a sequel about the quartet 15 years later.

A Love of Her Own by Yours Truly. Okay, maybe this is cheating, but hell, Dee did it. I received many poignant reader letters about this story about finding love in the face of infertility. Writing this story did much to help me accept and cope with not having children of my own (that and the fact that I was past 40 when I wrote it and my still-held belief that motherhood is for the young!)

And I'm tagging . . . nobody. I need all the friends I can get!


Melissa Blue said...

Lol, you lose a lot of friends with memes.

Gwyneth Bolton said...

I liked Waiting to Exhale . But I loved Mama and Disappearing Acts . They tie for me as Terry McMillan's best books.

LOL at your line about not tagging anyone. I keep thinking that if I don't tag anyone then no one will tag me... Doesn't always work though. :-)


bettye griffin said...

Yeah, Mel, I don't want to tick anybody off!

Gwyneth, can you tell that my favorite story structure is built around three or four females?

I was trying to remember if Shelia Goss had been tagged, but then I saw she's doing a live interview on Internet radio tonight and figured she's got enough to do.

Thanks for posting, ladies!

PatriciaW said...

I had a similar epiphany reading Waiting to Exhale. But like Gwyneth, I loved Disappearing Acts. Even liked the movie, although I'm not a big Wesley Snipes fan. I am, however, a big Sanaa Lathan fan.

Your real friends won't drop you for a meme tag. They might avoid you for a bit, or give you a piece of their mind, though.

Note to self: don't tag Mel, Bettye, Gwyneth...oops, I already have!

bettye griffin said...

Hopefully the meme will rest for a while. Personally, I think it needs to.

Speaking of Wesley Snipes, I wish he would get involved in making more movies. My whole family enjoyed Down in the Delta, of which he was one of the producers, I believe. Beautifully made film.