All Men (and Women) are Prosecuted Equally

Maybe they should amend the Constitution. Because, from where I sit, black males have a better chance of serving time than anybody. Did anyone mention jail time when Marion Jones recently confessed to using steroids? What about all the other athletes?
But, be they Georgia or Louisiana teenagers or O.J. Simpson (I'm just waiting for him to get the max), the legal system seems to be out to get black males.


Mel said...

Hmm, Robert Blake...has the trial even started yet?

Patricia W. said...

Bettye, in actuality, Marion's confession was part of a plea deal, which included confession, giving up her medals, and being on probation for a period of time. I believe that's what was reported on CNN.

Barry's ego is not letting him cut a plea deal so he's going to the mat claiming his innocence. And yep, he'd better get ready because America likes locking up Black men, especially those with fame and fortune. Guess he hasn't been paying attention to the Michael Vick story?

bettye griffin said...

Thanks for commenting, Mel and Patricia!