Bah, humbug

This is the second day we've been without hot water. The management is installing a brand new water heater. Add that to a three-hour training class this afternoon - away from my computer - and the sum is me in a lousy mood.

Things could be a lot worse. For one, it could have been the water heater in our house in Florida that gave out, which would mean we'd have to pay for a new one. #2, if we hadn't brought meat while we were down in Indiana on Saturday, I never would have noticed that our freezer chest wasn't cold (the water heater blew out several fuses when it went out initially sometime early Saturday morning.) I don't mind chucking a half-eaten container of Black Walnut ice cream that had gotten soft, but if all our meat spoiled I'd really be hoppin' mad. I just flipped the fuse that controls the freezer, got the power going again and went to bed. #3, I was able to turn on the water heater periodically, like if I wanted to mop the kitchen floor or take a shower, through Sunday afternoon, when it blew out 15 seconds after I turned it on with a scary POUF!

I'll be taking a shower and washing my hair tonight. Can't wait!


PatriciaW said...

Here's to hoping your hot water troubles are resolved quickly. Not a whole lot of things I can think of using cold water alone for, at least not happily.

bettye griffin said...

I'm happy to report that the dishwasher is humming and I'm feeling fresh and clean.

Thanks for the good wishes!