Embracing Your Inner Ho

Adrianne Byrd has an interesting post on her blog, http://adriannebyrd.net/blog , about the limitations often put on romance writers about their heroines. God knows I hate those old stereotyped romance heroines. Check it out!


Patricia W. said...

Made me think of the urban fiction novel I just finished, A Girl's Gotta Eat by Michelle Valentine.

Perfect people are boring. I like bad girls who are bad for a reason and grow from their experiences. That's why I can't get with Lil' Kim or Foxy Brown who don't seem to quite get it, but I can give Mary J her props.

bettye griffin said...

Mary J. Blige spent part of her childhood years in the same project (Schlobohm, Yonkers NY) where I spent the first 7 years of my life. When I told my brother (who recently turned 60) this, he asked if we would have known the family. I reminded him that we were long gone before Mary J was even born, adding, "You might have known her mother. . ." (but no, as Mary's mom wasn't a Yonkers girl).