"Do you have any idea how foolish you look in that getup?"

Or so Baby Girl (my granddaughter is now 13 months old) seems to be saying to her cousin. But Baby Girl doesn't look too pleased about her own bunny suit, does she?


Gwyneth Bolton said...

They are both adorable! But you're right. Baby girl looks like she would like to have a few words with the person who put her in that bunny suit. :-)


Donna said...

I was thinking Baby Girl was trying to push her cousin out of the way sayin, "Hey, this is my picture!"

I also think Baby Girl (love that, btw) was disappointed that there was no candy in that purse.


bettye griffin said...

Gwyneth and Donna,
It was Baby Girl's grandfather (my husband) who gave her that moniker. It's perfect for blog use, nice and impersonal.

And you're right, Donna, she does seem to have a strong personality. After I read your comment I noticed how she had bothher little hands up, like she was ready to rumble!