Miss USA Tumbles

In a video that's likely to be played dozens of times (think Former President Gerald Ford tripping over his feet), Miss USA fell on her butt during the evening gown competition of the Miss Universe Pageant last night in Mexico City. The swiftness with which she got to her feet is demonstrative of true youth and makes me realize how close I am to the "I've-fallen-and-I-can't-get-up" phase of my life.

Anyway, something like this was bound to happen. High heels, even one step (although I'm not certain there was a step involved in this mishap), and no banister don't go together any more than fish and ice cream. Better it happen to a young woman in her 20s than at the Academy Awards with a woman over 50, over 70, or even worse, over 90 (although it looked like Olivia de Havilland had the good sense to wear flat beneath her gown at her last Academy Award appearance.) Trust me, a 90-year-old woman who takes that kind of spill won't be able to get up at all, nor will she smile afterward.

Hey, I wonder if beauty pageant contestants still are required to wear high heels with their swimsuits?