Tune In Tomorrow

As I watched the closing moments of last night's season finale of Desperate Housewives I recalled hearing in the beginning of the year that one of the housewives would be eliminated by season's end. At first I thought it would be Edie, who didn't have a whole lot to do in the first place. Then, last week, I thought maybe Lynette would bite the dust. I know now that my initial guess was the correct one.

The writers sent Edie off with a whimper, considering her personality, which was just as scheming and dishonest up to her next-to-last scene as it was in the very first episode. But I can swallow it. "Woman haunted by fear of ending up alone puts all hopes in new relationship and gives up when it goes bust."

Overall, I thought the third season much better than the second. Loose ends were tied up, and new ones created. What delicious things are going to go wrong for Susan and Mike, now that they're married? What will Gabrielle do after learning the underhanded reason why that dude she just married was so anxious to marry her? And how will Carlos react to Edie's suicide? It's clearly not over between Carlos and Gabby. (That would have been enough to drive Edie to suicide, after losing Mike to Susan.) How long will Bree be able to keep up the charade of covering for her daughter's pregnancy? And what about Lynette's health?

I hope the producers put some more color on Wisteria Lane. I love Alfre Woodard, but that whole storyline in the second season was ridiculous. I still say bring in a 40-ish, sexy actress to blend in with the others.

That's probably my only wish for the show. I'll be tuning in come fall.

To be continued (organ music) . . . .


Gwyneth Bolton said...

I wrote a long response to this post the other day just to have the blogger eat it. LOL. Basically, I said that I agreed with your thoughts on the season finale and on Alfre Woodard. They really missed an opportunity to use a really talented actress with that lame story line last season. I also said, although the timeframe wouldn't match because the affair with the black boy was last season and the teacher, who was Latino I believe, happened early this season, it would be funny if Bree's grandchild turned out biracial and not so easy to pass off as her own. LOL.

Gwyneth (who might watch a little too much TV)

bettye griffin said...

Gwyneth, what a marvelous idea! Have you ever considered TV writing? They would have brought the black kid back for one last romp in the hay for an ending like that!