The Silent Majority

Okay, all you lurkers. I know you're out there; I've got a stat counter on my site. I know you're coming back to read more posts (did I mention I've got a stat counter)?

I don't know who you are or where you are. You're just anonymous statistics. But I'd love to hear from you, whoever you are! So respond to something once in a while. Give poor Gwyneth a break. (Hugs to you, my friend.) Surely you don't want me to get listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the author with the fewest blog responses.

Have a good Memorial Day weekend. I hope it's not raining where you are. I've never seen such an iffy spring in my life. In New York it used to rain 8 out of 10 Memorial Days, and Chicago is due to have showers off and on all weekend.

That's all right for me; I've got a book to finish and need to keep my ass in the house. But most folks don't. It's not fair for the sun to come out of hiding on Tuesday, when we have to head back to work.

Maybe July 4th will be better.


Reon said...

Hi Bettye!
I enjoy your blog! Keep up the good work. I'm blog shy these days. Why? Long story. Will try to post here and there. :-) But I'd like to have something interesting to say or add to your topic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bettye,

Yeah, I admit it, I read all your post, and this is the first time I've responded. Although, I enjoy your thoughts and advice.

I've been a reader of yours since the early days of Arabesque.

Crazy as it sounds, I still do not trust or understand technology, so I usually don't post to any blog, and I read a lot of them.

Damn that stat counter! lol. Keep putting out those terrific books.

bettye griffin said...

To my colleague Reon and to my Anonymous friend,

Thanks for coming forward. Although I know you're out there, it helps if the world knows it, too!