Today's the Day

Oops. I kinda lost a day there because of the holiday, and because my head's been buried in my laptop as I get into my Thirty-Day countdown to D (Deadline) Day. Today is Tuesday (and a gorgeous day it is after the so-so weekend weather, as I predicted on this blog just last week). If These Walls Could Talk is due on store shelves today, so be sure to pick up a copy! If you live in my hometown of Yonkers, New York, there should be autographed copies at the Waldenbooks in Cross County Center; and also at The Book Nook and at the B. Dalton at Regency Square Mall, both in Jacksonville, Florida.
If you haven't read my character blogs, posted on the first of March, April, and May, respectively, they are still here in my archived posts.

If you like If These Walls Could Talk, please tell everybody (and I do mean everybody . . . the bank teller who processes your deposit . . . the customer service rep you're connected with on the phone who sounds like a sister . . . the ladies at the hairdresser, the lady in the next chair when you get that pedicure.) In the unlikely event it's not your kind of story, well, feel free to keep that little morsel to yourself.

Wishing you good reading!