Movie Trivia Answers to #2 and Question #3

Lest anyone think I've given up blogging in favor of trivia, I assure you I'm very busy doing early stage promo for my upcoming novel. I'll also be sending out ARCs, creating postcards, figuring out what promo stuff to do at Slam Jam, etc. Plus there's that next novel to complete, even though the deadline for that is still comfortably in the future. This is an ideal way for me to stay active and still TCB. By the time the Oscars are given out next month I'll be in better shape.
So here we go!

The answer to yesterday's question was Dr. No, the very first James Bond movie released way back in 1962 and shown occasionally on TV. The first movie Bond (and the best, IMO), was Sean Connery, who stayed sexy even after he started getting old and threw away his rug.

From the answers that have now been posted, there are two correct answers, and both got bonus points awarded:

Patricia now has 3 OGGS.

Shelia has 2 OGGS.

And now, for Question #3:

Now, y'all know I love me some old movies, so I've got to include a line or two from these gems. But I'll give you hints, so don't worry!

First, the quote (in this case actually an exchange:)

Witness: "Mr. Keyes, I'm a Medford man. Medford, Oregon. In Medford we take our time making up our minds."

Keyes, insurance investigator: "Well, we're not in Medford now. We're in a hurry."

Sharp dialogue, huh? Now for the hint: This is from a 1940s film noir about insurance fraud, and its title borrows from an insurance term. It starred Barbara Stanwyck in a rather cheesy-looking blond wig opposite an actor who went on to star in a couple of Disney movies, then a long-running TV series about a household of men.

I think I might be making these too easy for y'all.

You can take a stab at the answer right up until the time I post it, around noon CT tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll also have my latest 5 Questions column posted. I won't tell you who's being interviewed; you'll just have to wait and read it.


PatriciaW said...

The problem is we like too many of the same movies. I'm not a Bond fan but I knew it was one of favorite leading men. I looked up the rest.

Today's is easy because I'm a Barbara Stanwyck fan, pre-Dynasty and the Colbys. The movie is Double Indemnity.